JAWS Driver for Brailliant and BrailleConnect Displays

As you can see from Freedom Scientific’s website, with one exception, all the major Braille display manufacturers are participating in Freedom Scientific’s Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative. Under this initiative, Freedom Scientific and Braille display manufacturers work together to make sure that users get the best experience possible with Braille. One manufacturer, who has yet to sign on, is Baum, and we know that there are some Freedom Scientific customers who have been inconvenienced by that. Because of this, Freedom Scientific has filled the gap by writing and testing its own new 32-bit driver for those using the HumanWare Brailliant or BrailleConnect Series of displays with JAWS 11. These displays are distributed in English speaking markets by HumanWare, but they are manufactured by Baum in Germany. This new Freedom Scientific driver will work with both USB and Bluetooth.

If you have one of these displays installed on your computer and working with JAWS 9 or JAWS 10, all you need to do is install JAWS 11, download and install the driver using the link below, and then restart JAWS 11. It should work as expected. If you have not used these displays before on your computer, you will still need to install the system level drivers first using the HumanWare CD that came with your display. Once that is done, install JAWS 11, download and install this new driver, and restart JAWS, and then everything should be working.

We still hope that Baum will come on board with the Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative, as have other Braille display manufacturers, so that we can complete support for 64-bit JAWS.

Select the following link to download the driver:

JAWS Driver for Brailliant and BrailleConnect Displays (32-bit) – 4.0 MB

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